i was born on 04.12.1964 yearin lithuania in the family of economist and doctor.i have finished the secondary school in the 1982 year.joined and finished financial high school at 1984 year.i have joined to padagogical univercity at 1986 year and finished 2 facultes -russian lanquage and literature; english lanquage.i have been teaching at school during 3 years , after this it was private practice and my office by teaching lanquages from 1994 till 2001 years.
from 1994 year till 2001 year i have been preapering about 200 students.
i have finished also the course of alternative medicine.i have printed my book at 2001year in lithuania.i was painting the pictures.i have invitations for exibitions.
i have some music-hymnes and oratories.also i have more 2 books that need to print.
i came to israel in 2001 year,i did festivals there by directing from municipality from Jerusalem.during 3 years i was taking care about olld people.
in 2005 year my mother deied,her name was rhema,i came to lithuania where i did evenings by poetry and painting at the houses of teachers and nations .
in 2006 year i came back to israel and began to evangelize people giving knowledge from profits about Jesus.(during 1260 days)
i have met my first husband he was a doctor his name was Valery Karpenko
on 27.08.2007 year we prayed by the stella with seagull and white tree  in Arad- and Jesus came back emboded to this Earth.
we have passed with messer through whole Israel.
we have been lived in haifa during a year.
in 2009 year we came back to Jerusalem.
in 2010 year my husband was going to heavens.he  saw vision 24 hours of pray by the tomb of David.(where need to be 24 elders from israel  nation to pray about the planet)
in 2010 year we have met with head of Jerusalem municipality and spoke about creating centre and 24 hours pray there.
also building of campus,,rhema,,with apostolic church in the galily and building of the 3d temple.
in the 2009 year i received permit on the earth in rosh pinna.
in the 2013 year was created amuta(organization) by building campus,,rhema,,in the galily.
in 2014-2015 i was in india and shri lanka (was service there) and received document of the government of india in kashmir.
in 2016 year i was in clinical death and then i came back.g-d returned me.
in 2016 i was going to Rome where g-d through me brought here golden section as leonardo da vinchi painted.
in 2017 year was very hard was really buttle beetwen dark and light forces but light win as always because JESUS is here from father.(magnit station was pushed  was done annihiliation twice poison but jesus ressurected me again)
in 2017 year i was going to Bulgariya to pray about peace because my father finished the 2 nd world war in Bulgariya.
in 2018 year in winter time was really fisical pushing for me from dark but they lost and Jesus really have saved me.
in 2018 year we with my sister by roots stood against the second dark organization in Petersburg by Jesus name and now Petersburg is really nice and light city.
now in 2021 time is coming to build house of peace in the Galily.
i hope that together we can do it by Jesus name. I have some books -prose ,also poetry ,also a lot of music,pictures.G d blesses all people that want to create campus,,Rhema,, and also to input their finance in it's building.