Good day dear friends ,this is Marina messenger -founder of campus,,rhema,, -psalmes 118-22 ,rosh pinna galily i was in your centre in 2014 year  i need to write my situation now i did this job with campus about 12 years after my mothers death her name was Rhema she was veterinarian doctor , after my husbands death he was also a doctor after my fathers death he was basic economist in vilnius aeroport but also a soldier in the second world war that passed by his legs 3 countries and had 3 injurations after this and more 4 close people to me going to g-d ...during one year through me was pushed elektromagnit station was done annihilation plus poison from ultraorthodox in israel twice but  this  year was in open air on january in moscow  and  my body was cutching coldness strong     i need healing now but i am writing to you because gayatri family is very big that to start together all these things  ( i am alive,thanks G-d , 2 and halve years ago i died going by doing campus, but father returning me back ,  (about 5 years i was in trains buses aeroports undergroundes giving to people praying healing doing couching for taking them to JESUS CHRIST ,so i think we need to start building campus together ,i write describing about campus ,,Rhema,, to you:

«the stone ,that rejected the builders,was the most important at all,,-psalmes 118-22»



art  creation  etnopavilion

conference hall (new achievment in different area of science medicine 
lectures by the culture of different nations




Fund of building of the house of peace ,,rhema,,  receiver- Ryklina Marina ; account number -40820810355861003082 ;   the bank -Sberbank ( severo -zapadny head office ) st.Petersburg Russian  Federation SWIFT CODE -SABRRU2P ;   my  card number (visa momentum) -   4817 7600 5284 3905  ;  also in israel  bank account - Hilel street,10 Jerusalem; bank number - 31 ;    department number -012 ; account number-105-055373 - for Ryklina Marina.

for creating campus i need next professionals -1) mecenates 2) person that can do buisness plan3) engeneers 4) architectors5) dizainers for outside 6) journalists that can give advertisment  about campus ,,rhema,, ( but i can send you the article because i am writable person) 7) people that can built temples 8)geodesical workers 9) lawers 10) book -keeper 11) secretary 12) volunteers; i have some prayable people but i apreciate more  

If you have  somebody  that can cooperate together campus  but also in  moscow or sunkt petersburg or some baltic country  i will appreciate it very much  because i am located now  in russia       (i need  also urgently to replanish my fisical body that to start campus,,rhema,, really to do some warm   healing  is very urgently  and to do interruption for running  that to stay here and to do campus i am really weak now because 250 hours not sleeping during several last years because of helping people and praying plus about planet)and to do detox deeply ,  plus food supplement plus normal  clean food my body cutching cold strongly lungs, i was already in the hospital cutching cold -gynekology  ( several monthes i dont receive any income in such condition that need urgently healing but better to write all this and  to start do it together,also i need some place to rent to have office plus calls and  trips for meetings )

(i have some books -prose with chapters from bible, also poetry ,also many music needs to record also pictures, i would like to ask you to print  books) this time that i was in gayatri family i remember all these years and this centre all the time in my heart wishes to staff to director to all people that i remember and blessing to your centre to all gayatri family 

success and G-d blessing ,waiting as soon your responce  and hope that together we can start it for people ,sincerely  yours -Marina Ryklina- messenger, founder of campus,,Rhema,,-galily ,Rosh Pinna,psalmes 118-22. 

waiting your responce because i need urgent support  in healing i think together we can do this sincerely yours marina ryklina